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buy prednisone 10mg Welcome to Dr. Zen.info. My goal is to discuss anxiety and depression and simple ways in which we can reduce their impact in our lives.

can you order propecia online In today’s modern society we are constantly under assault from a wide variety of stressors. And although these may not be life threatening, they take a heavy toll on our ability to work and function effectively in our daily lives. In fact, as these things operate on us on a daily basis, they may in fact become life threatening, as the results of chronic anxiety and depression can be a long list of stress related diseases or in some cases, the belief that suicide is the only way to get away from them.

In the pages of this blog I will seek to bring light to the reality of anxiety and depression, to discuss the many causes of them, the many possible outcomes of them, and most importantly, effective and simple ways to deal with them.

I am not a psycologist or psycotherapist, so please understand that I am a mental health professional. I am simply a fellow sufferer who is learning ways to cope with his disease and wishes to share the things I find so they may help others. None of the information provided herein should be understood to be medical advice — you should always consult with a licensed mental health professional before undertaking any significant treatment for anxiety or depression. The information provided herein has been found to be helpful to me or others that I have conferred with and it is simply shared here to give you ideas of things that have helped others in a similar situation.

Most importantly, please note that should you indeed face a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or contact a licensed professional.